From the screw factory to FREY Schrauben GmbH

1976 Foundation on February 10th by the businessman Karl Friedrich Frey in Boxberg-Schwabhausen, Germany.


1978 Development of an own tool shop.


1980 Change of company name to Karl Friedrich Frey GmbH. Activity: Manufacturing and sale of screws.


1985 Investments in cold forging machines with 2 and 4 dies.


1996 Karl Friedrich Frey leaves the company. Continuation takes place by his sons-in-law.


2001 Development and expansion of the special screws segment.


2012 The Thomas Schnizler family acquires the family business.


2013 Registration of the „FY“ trademark in the European Union. Karl Friedrich Frey GmbH becomes a training company for technical and commercial professions.


2014 Change of name to Frey Schrauben GmbH. Certification acc. to ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2009.


2015 Implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts in production and logistics division.


2017/2019 Commissioning of multi dies forging machines and investments in further thread rolling machines.


2020 Daughter Eva and son-in-law Dennis Oltmann are starting at Frey Schrauben and are planned to succeed.

Frey Schrauben GmbH, Boxberg, v.l.n.r.: Gabriele-Kümmerle-Schnizler (Operations), Dennis Oltmanns (Geschäftsführer), Eva Oltmanns (Accounting), Thomas Schnizler (Geschäftsführer)

Frey Schrauben was and still is a family business today.

Frey Schrauben hat 25 Ingenieure, Meister und Facharbeiter in 2020 beschäftigt.

Frey Schrauben employed 25 engineers, masters and skilled workers in 2020. As a matter of principle, no leased employees are used.