Coatings and plating

Coatings and plating

surface treatments for our screws

veredelungIn cooperation with our certified partners we can offer our customers a wide range of coatings and surface treatments for our screws and parts as per drawings.


Our standard coatings according to EN ISO 4042:1999 include among others:

  • Blue zinc (Cr6-free)
  • Yellow zinc (with Cr6)
  • Black zinc iron (Cr6-free)
  • Black zinc (with Cr6)
  • Nickel plating (Cr6-free)
  • Copper coating + nickel plating (Cr6-free)
  • Black bronzing






The threads of our coated screws are tested in the factory. We guarantee quality series production.

All sizes of our bare programme not already offered with different coatings can be supplied with the given finishes, subject to certain conditions.




We furthermore offer Cr6-free coatings and surface treatment for our screws and parts per drawing in compliance with the pertinent automotive standards of Audi, BMW, Bosch, Ford, Daimler, MAN, Opel, VW, ZF and many others.

Zinc alloy coatings according to DIN 50979:2008-07 with defined Fe content (abbreviation: „ZnFe“) or nickel content (abbreviation: „ZnNi“) are available with a transparent surface, as well as with black passivate finish – both with/without sealing, and including or excluding defined friction coefficient adjustments.

We are able to satisfy highest corrosion protection requirements with the increasing use of zinc multi-disc coatings, as defined in DIN EN 13858:2007-02.


IMG_0501-Bearbeitet-BearbeitetIn contrast to the electrodeposition of metals, the current-free application of basecoats does not lead to hydrogen embrittlement. Basecoats are highly reactive systems using zinc and aluminium discs.

In conjunction with mineral binders the metal particles generate an optimum bond with the base. The dry film is free from lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, cobalt and chromium (VI).

Due to the low baking temperatures of 200 to 230 °C annealing is omitted. The combination of basecoats with organic and inorganic topcoats produces multifunctional surfaces with a high corrosion resistance. These satisfy, in particular, the friction property requirements for screws and parts as per drawing, without having a negative impact on the environment, as was the case with coatings and surface treatment processes with chromium.

Upon request, we would be pleased to offer you a quote for the above and other surface treatments and coatings.

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