Special screws

Special screws

Individuell und schnell

Examples of special screws and screws according to ISO standards

Standard screws with modified head, length or shaft dimensions, method of driving etc.
Flange head screws, corner connectors, flat round head screws etc.
Screws with slotted and cross-recess head, hexagon socket, hex-star socket, hexagon head, square head, tamper-proof, etc.


Minimum quantities in different materials and qualities

M2,5   50.000 items M3   50.000 items M3,5   50.000 items M4   50.000 items
M5   40.000 items M6   30.000 items M8   20.000 items M10   10.000 items



Examples of screw-type studs, cold-extruded parts as per drawing

Step pins, rivets, press-mounted knurled studs, ball studs, semi-tubular rivets etc.
diameter of 4 mm to 10 mm

M2,5 50.000 items M3 50.000 items M3,5 50.000 items M4 50.000 items
M5 40.000 items M6 30.000 items M8 20.000 items M10 10.000 items


Examples of finishing

Axial bores, transverse bores, grooves for retaining rings, domes, etc.


Custom-made designs available upon request with short delivery times.
We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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